I have only ridden 2 pieces of work and both last summer so was excited to be asked if wanted to ride a piece of work on the filly started riding a few weeks ago

I haven't felt at home on her and not enjoying her much as behind a slow trotter so she was heady but today behind a very forward filly then upsides in last lap

She was content and nice to ride (not a puller or a bolter too) in trot and steady then we did our work on 3rd lap. We knew she would be easily beaten as not as fit and not a sprinter like the other filly so not the same gears but she stayed upsides then dropped behind but kept up well

Luckily I had my goggles on for the kick back but my bare arms took the sting doh

I really enjoyed it and am keen to ride her again now

My other half has only ridden out once and had the chance to ride as a lead to a breaker today which he did a fab job of and was on a high afterwards although his legs were like jelly riding his own horse afterwards

Then we went out for wine and late lunch so a good day all round was had in the sunshine