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Thread: TREC newbie...

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    Ha you've gotta laugh...after all that...and getting the BHS TREC book (quite handy actually) and going the day before to have my hat checked mare decided not to load in the morning! Says a lot really. In a way she probably saved us a lot of discomfort as it was exceedingly hot that day and neither of us are good in heat!
    Keep trying and eventually you will crack it....

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    Maybe something you could practice on - it may be an obstacle that you could be faced with so practice now and then you'll make it to the venue AND do well on the PTV. I had my competition today, left before the results of he POR came back but expecting a letter in the post with a nice rossie and sheet in. We scored 110 on the PTV alone, which I was very pleased with as we obliterated the canter corridor sending poles flying everywhere! It was between two XC fences (we weren't jumping!) but she was too busy spooking at them to notice her foot placements!

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