Looking for a long term loan pony. Suitable for my kids (aged 11&5 almost) must be super safe. Height unimportant, will consider anything up to 13.3hh/14hh looks and age are unimportant.

We do not want a show pony, but instead a loving pony that will stand for hours to be groomed and loves attention by little people. If it is happy to be boxed, then we will do some charity shows (fancy dress most likely) such as WHW and grass sickness.

We can offer:

A long term family home with other horses, a private yard with international size school all year 24/7 turn out, a stable if needed and field shelters. Regular visits from the farrier,a fantastic vet (BHS Scotland chief vet) 24hr supervision and a loving and caring environment.

References are available, our last loan pony was from the farrier and she was pts at our yard when in her 40's.

Minor health issues are ok too obviously we will pay for treatment if has cushings etc, we also offer suitable turnout for laminitics. Owners are welcome to visit at any time.

Please please please consider us if you hear of anything, or if anyone would like to trawl the appropriate sites and let me know of ads I'd appreciate that too (have limited internet access at mo)