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Thread: Equifest

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    If only I knew you were going spot! Should have met up and had a glass of wine! How did you get on?

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    Two horses! The classes were big! B was 3rd in Ridden spotty out of 8, 5th in-hand spotty out of 12, 4th out of 14 in Young handler, 7th out of 15 in one ridden veteran class (was only the 4th time the jockey had ridden her) and 5th out of 18 in another ridden Veteran! Smallhunter was 3rd in the Open MW/HW hunter there were 12 forward and 3rd in the Riding club Hunter 14 forwards! We were very pleased, cant wait for next year! We were all dead on our feet by Sunday morning. Next year I am taking more people just to help, it was just three of us doing it all!


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