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Thread: My doggies and their lovely new collars

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    Default My doggies and their lovely new collars

    If anyone is buying dog or cat collars, I would like to draw your attention to Pawsitively Pets, a small Sheffield-based pet store that has recently started a line of absolutely gorgeous collars and accessories. The collars were hand made to my specifications in next to no time and at a very reasonable price, too. Considering that I sent Lottie a bunch of vague measurements (because I had absolutely no idea what she would need ), the collars are a perfect fit. The doglets and I are very happy with them

    Bran the Bengal was very excited by the box

    Roux, my handsome boy, actually sitting still for two seconds at a time!

    Amberella is a much easier model to work with. "Oooh, a camera! Quick, pose!"

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    Very nice


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