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Thread: Showing gurus... Style & performance?

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    Default Showing gurus... Style & performance?

    I have entered Belle into a Style and performance WH class at equifest.
    just wondering what actually goes on, what do the judges focus on etc?

    i have all correct turnout as doing the ridden coloureds and riding horse on Wednesday and Thursday.

    I'm only doing the 75cm so I know she will be okay and not over faced at such a big show.

    thank you :-)

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    My friend did it last year and the jumping I think is marked similar to workers as in marks for style when jumping,p. Then the ridden bit they had to do something more than just a normal show. Can't quite remember if they had to include certain things, think they didas sure one of them was a halt for so many seconds and some sort of serpentine. Think the judge told them when they went over or before class not sure. They still look at how the horse goes as I know friend got marked down and commented on that her pony wasn't happy in the bit and was going overbent rather than working properly.

    I was going to do it this year but entered a normal workers class that day instead.

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    Brilliant thank you! It doesn't state in the schedule about how it works, so assume it's like a workers, just a bit more in depth with how you ride/jump etc.


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