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Thread: Odies first show.

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    Default Odies first show.

    Took my boy to his first ever show yesterday. We entered the inhand 3 year old class for horses suitable for saddle and not eligible for registration with with wetherbys.

    He loaded like a pro and we drove the 50 miles to Antrim agricultural County Show. He travelled brilliant and didnt sweat up at all. Our class was 4th to go in Ring 1. So i took him out and gave him another quick brush and put his bridle on and off we went. There was 8 in the class and he was the lightest one there. In both build and weight. We had two purebred Irish draughts, and a few middleweight hunter types and then Odie, who looked like a total fairy against the rest. He behaved impeccably the whole time. Trotted up well and stood without fidgeting for the judge. He came 5th out of a strong class of 8.

    No feedback from the judge whatsover though so im not sure how to improve. My only gripe was he was nearly too laid back. Lol. He just lacked a bit of sparkle when he was moving. Any ideas how to jazz him up a bit?

    Overall i was very pleased as he has quite a few scars and scrapes now across his chest and left hock. So until the hair grows back and i get better at disguising it im more than chuffed with him. Sadly no photos as no photographer there and the person i came with ended up in her class at the same time as me.

    Just a rosette pic:

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    Well done!

    Jazz him up.... Well practice and more practice! Is there a noise you can make that he likes? Alfie likes kisses noise so i do that inhand to wind him up a bit
    Native pony addict!

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    Congrats...go Odie Bug and dont knock the laid back thing lol

    Does he get more lovely behind other horses, more feed ??

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    He's afraid of nothing, and couldn't care less what the other horses are doing. lol. There was a chippy with a huge generator out the back of it onto the rings and he just plodded past it without even looking. A few of the other horses where messing about and he just looked at them like ' mom, do you see what those naughty horses are doing?'. He's fed on Prep 14, 2 scoops twice a day and out at rich grass. Feed doesnt seem to effect him at all, maybe because he is used to getting it.

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    You are so lucky!! Mine would have a melt down

    Murphy was coming in same lane he does every day from field and took umbridge at a coke can in the hedge hadnt noticed before even though been there ages

    Jeannie spooks everytime we turn same corner since bird flew out nearly crashing into us on a hack unless she is on the left of me


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