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    Lightbulb The Flying Horse Company - Saddle Wings

    Hi Guys,

    I've just set up a website, facebook and twitter feeds for my new project 'The Flying Horse Company'. One of my products at the moment is call 'Saddle Wings' and provides a solution to your saddle rack leaving dents and ridges in the panels of your saddle and the flocking inside. This concept came from my own frustration at the lack of products on the market that are specifically designed for this purpose and my saddle rack leaving ridges in my flock straight after the saddler had paid me a visit and charged me an arm and a leg to sort my flocking out! The only product I could find is US based and retails at $100!! After all, we pay an aweful lot to purchase our tack and keep it in good condition.

    'Saddle Wings' attaches to the saddle rack to provide a secure surface that distributes the weight of the saddle evenly rather than it resting on thin metal bars. I currently have a small amount of stock available on eBay at

    I'm just looking to spread the word and get any feedback. Please take a look at our website, facebook (/theflyinghorsecompany) and twitter feeds (@Flying_Horse_Co)


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    Mine just sits on my sheepskin half pad. Never had problems with line or dents on my saddle

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    I use a pole.... sits in the gullet


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