You know those rides you nearly don't bother doing or think hmm horse a bit hyper or in a mood so will pass as maybe not a good idea but then do it and its fab?? I had one of those yesterday

Brought them in from 2nd day in new field in new home all settled but like night before my mare was stressing in stable as cant see gelding through bars like in previous yard (we prefer this as they got even more attached than before and quite a handful) so my other half had to hold her so I could tack her up and she was fine being held.

I thought hmm as mounted for a hack (we only have road hacking here albeit country roads and we picked a quiet sunday evening) as she was hyper and both on their toes. She was like a coiled spring so we agreed just go short way and if any nonsense turn back until more settled in new stable.

They were super! Once they settled into a nice march with only a frozen moment at a big black beastie we call a cow lol and a nice man with 3 huge lively dogs who thought being helpful hiding in the hedge

Jeannie led the way mostly and really relaxed once turned for home which was good for her to view it as going home

She was more settled afterwards untacking and rugging.

A bit stressed when his head went inside to eat with no thought for her at all (men lol) but she settled sooner than night before and this morning she is happily eating with the odd peep over door but not calling at all