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Thread: We're actually going to a show...!

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    Default We're actually going to a show...!

    My friend has very kindly offered me a lift to a show in 2 weeks time.

    This one to be exact http://www.landsendequestriancentre....20finished.pdf

    I will do a small jumping class/pairs with friends daughter (depending how good my brave pants are feeling )

    But, as there is no dressage the day we are going, I'd like to do something else. I am NOT a showing anything, and he's fairly covered in scars, but the experience would be good for him! I'm thinking of doing a fun one, or maybe 2, and then something sensible, maybe RC horse/pony.

    Would he be OK for this? or is there something better?

    And what can I do to prep him for it. I will try riding him in his pelham sometime this week, but need to find some extra reins! (mine got snapped D

    This is him, for those who don't know/have forgotten

    Most up to date confo shot I have
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    Good luck!!

    Try something fun and low key to start with so you dont put too much pressure on those pants lol


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