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Thread: Personalised hoodies, jackets, unique design service.

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    Default Personalised hoodies, jackets, unique design service.

    Haven't been on TrotOnline for a long time, looks like I have some catching up to do!

    I'm currently developing graphic illustrations of horses and ponies from photographs, to be transferred onto clothing, car stickers, trailer transfers etc. Each picture is completely unique as it is developed from a picture of your own horse, it's much more personal than a generic image of a random horse like most personalised items! Works very well with coloured horses, or horses with unusual markings as the likeness is much more accurate, but I can do any horse (or dog) in this style.

    Graphics by themselves are priced from 7.50, and hoodies with your graphic and two lines of text start from 25. You can get in touch via email through my website , or through my Facebook page, just search LizzyMint on Facebook.

    Equine and pet photographer, Manchester
    Personalised Hoodies available on the website

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    Very Awesome. I think you have lots of experience in this field.


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