So I could go into 1 about how we had over a month out due to ringworm.. After a good event at Quainton went to croften over a month later scary banners up the top end ment that I was whipping her before I even started!! Eliminated round a British novice!!.. Anyway training at a friends went good the collage my sister's otherhalf made

Ok and both me and Sybil smiling after a hack!

Us at Henley county yesterday in the discovery.. Was pleased with how she jumped this class despite a fence down and paint on her toes!! She was actually 3 seconds faster than the winner!!

Because it was a big county show we had to enter well in advance and we were entered in the newcomers we should of never of done it though so was eliminated in our 1st newcomers event basically because I was nervous and messed up
Anyway hopefully not scared her too much, next Saturday little amateurs at Newbury.. 85cm and 95cm..