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Thread: Dancing with the wolves..

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    Default Dancing with the wolves..

    Aka Kodi bear.

    Thought seens as Kodi is still a baby, I would have this to look back on..

    Kodi arrived 9/914, a 3.5yr old, standing at 15.1hh such an adorable boy.

    We had a little wander round the field

    Eat mums plants

    and a bath in the sunshine

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    Well I didn't stick to my word about keeping this updated!

    havent done much with his highness because of my fall and lots of trips to hospital for me.. But I am now back on board. I have only ridden him 3x the past month, but he enjoys his little in hand hacks and grooms/cuddles.
    he is definitely a mummies boy!

    we went to a show the week after my fall from Belle (on lots of painkillers!)
    we came 4th in the coloured, impeccably behaved, just lacking condition on his top line/hind quarters, but he's going through his 'ugly duckling' stage
    then we went into the Youngstock class.... And won!

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    We haven't actually done much at all, a couple of hacks with my mum and her horse, ridden round the field twice and that's it.. He's happy just being a pet at the moment, he's growing so much, I bought him home standing at 15hh, he is now 15.1 1/2

    He's definitely looking better

    It is like having a dog that follows you all day

    went on a hack after 10 days of doing nothing with him, he was sooooo chilled

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    Love that last picture!

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    I'm in awe of him, had another little ride on him yesterday and he was foot perfect, I do love him. For a 3yo he is just brilliant.

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    R.i.p baby boy

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    I am so, so sorry for your loss, it's easy to see from the photos how much you meant to each other. Take care xx


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