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Thread: Stable and box mirrors

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    Default Stable and box mirrors

    Wondering what experience you have of these and what success/failure you had using them in stables and in trailer/lorry??

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    I got a mirror for Salsa not long after I bought him in the hope that it would help settle him down while stabled and reduce his weaving. Initially, he was terrified of it then decided that he liked it and would periodically go over, appear to be checking himself out and press his top lip against it, usually while eating It didn't make a bit of difference to the weaving but it was very amusing.
    My dad's cob, Jacob, tried the mirror out for a little while but he was aggressive towards it, kicking the wall and lunging at his reflection so it came down again when he didn't settle.

    I haven't tried one for traveling but after seeing Jacob's reaction and Sal's initial upset, I would test out a stable mirror first if the horse hadn't seen one before, just in case.
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    Oops I see I did a duplicate thread sorry (mustve been in my sick doped up state) but thanks for replying!

    Yes I am thinking one will like it and the other wont so wont be any good in the box either.


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