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    Quote Originally Posted by Rips View Post
    Loads of great photos (what sort of camera are these taken with?)
    Glad you didn't have to sell him!
    Thankyou so am I!!!! It was killing me at the thought of him going but at the time it was my only option! I had a fair bit of interest too so it would have been a fairly quick sale so glad I got things worked out!!

    I use a Nikon D300 which is just a bog standard entry level DSLR but I run the photos through Adobe Lightroom to enhance them

    R.I.P Mickey - 1996 - 31st May 2012

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    Quote Originally Posted by kirstys View Post
    Saw him advertised on FB, so pleased you managed to keep him. He's looking great - love the hairy look!
    I am loving the hairy look too!1 Never thought I would see the day I actually wanted to have him hairy but I love it!! He will be staying hairy now!!!!

    R.I.P Mickey - 1996 - 31st May 2012


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