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Thread: Loan pony wanted 11.2hh-13hh

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    Default Loan pony wanted 11.2hh-13hh

    Looking for a pony to loan (maybe with the possibility to buy in the future) Suitable for a competent novice to start doing PC and local shows. Age unimportant but must be healthy and able to pop small jumps, ect.
    To move to 5* loving home in West Yorkshire.

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    Whereabouts in W.Yorks are you? I know of a very nice 13h that may be coming up for loan in a few weeks (Littleborough area) and there is this one on pre-loved

    I can ask around my area but don't know how far you want to travel to look? I'm in Saddleworth

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    That one sounds a little green for us, and I think we'd travel up to 2-3 hours really as we've not found anything really so far. Would be really grateful if you'd keep an eye out for us

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    Would you consider a 13.3hh?

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    If not strong and well mannered on the ground as would need to be handled by 7 year old (under supervision of course but she likes to lead and groom herself)

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    Sorry Nat have replied to your PM.


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