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Thread: Bonny's diary

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    Default Bonny's diary

    The diary of Bonny, where do I begin?!

    I bought Bonny on 15/11/14, she was fat, fluffy and unfit. Didn't know any lateral work, and had only just learnt to canter under saddle in the school. Had hacked a handful of times, been out hunting in Ireland, and jumped round a 50cm course wit a lot of stopping involved now I think about it, I do wonder what attracted me to her...

    the day I bought her home, introducing herself to Kodi

    she is so beautiful

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    Skip forward to today, we have had a fair share of dilemmas already.
    moved her to where I work 3 weeks after I bought her, we have an indoor school, outdoor, a cross country course, so it's brilliant for a young horse like Bonny. She spent the first few weeks settling in, hacking out etc, then all of a sudden she turned into a nutter think the fresh air got to her, she was rodeo'ing when we were hacking out and had me off a couple of times haha, got her back checked, saddle fitted, teeth and feet done - absolutely fine so she was just feeling good lol!

    we are now at a place together where we are hacking out for 45 mins, jumping some of the XC fences, going out SJ schooling and have taken her out to her first dressage show last month where we came 6th out of 13

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    A few photos

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    She's lovely x

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    She's lovely, need videos!

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    The other half bought me a go pro for my birthday so will get some videos soon! We are going jump schooling Saturday, she has just started jumping fences from canter so will make sure to get a video from that! Shes now happily jumping courses of around 80cm with scope to go a lot higher!

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    Had a fantastic hack out yesterday, even in the wind

    took Bonny out SJ schooling today, was windy and trying to rain. We went anyway.
    She warmed up so well, popped a few fences then went over the course a couple of times. She knocked s couple, because she's so lazy
    gee'd her up a bit and this time popped the course in canter...and she flew. Didn't touch a pole! Only 70cm but our first course in canter, with fillers and a wall included at the end, I'm so happy

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    I love her!

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    Oh yes, she's recently gone barefoot and all is looking good, still a little bit footy but getting stronger every day.


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