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Thread: Bonny's diary

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    She's really lovely, looking forward to reading more updates!
    Let the bass cannon kick it!

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    Thank you, we are off xc schooling next Saturday! Cannot wait

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    Damn, I knew I wouldn't be able to keep up to date with this!

    since the last update we went xc schooling at Blackwater Farm, flew the roll tops, over ditches, up n down the steps, in the water..down the drops aswell even had a few long gallops side by side my mum... Was a great feeling!

    also took her out SJ in the gale force winds 2 weeks ago, was very naughty! lots of bucking and our cantering consisted of going sideways but managed to go round the 70cm with just the first fence down (which she rodeod afterwards then didn't touch a pole

    took Bonny round the XC course at work on Tuesday, she was amazing popped over the smaller logs, gates, ditches then I braved the bigger zig zag, bench, tyres and roll top! Love her soo much!! She has a secret love for XC it seems

    dressage clinic tonight with international trainer Elizabeth Mills, eeeeeek!

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    Damnit, yet again to keep this updated.

    Since I last updated we have been SJ, she went clear in the clear round and the last fence down in the novice combination but still came 5th! (Only 1 person went clear haha)

    been out dressage twice, first off at lime kiln farm, only done the intro, got a respectable 64.38% and 5th place, which I was very pleased with, same comments as last time. Mainly to work on our outline and the suppleness.
    then we took her to Brampton EC on a Wednesday evening, only had 7 in the class but again she got a respectable score of 63.45% and 2nd place! - also forgot that was her first ever time competing outside! She behaved very well.. Did have a bronc before the test started so I can only guess what the judge thought ��

    i have also also bought her back home because she was becoming dangerous where I worked, we never had anyone to ride out with and she had limited turnout so was sending her naughty and very nappy.
    best decision ever! She's a lot better now thank god. Riding around 4/5 times a week when I can, and is happier because she's in a field with my mums youngster, is in a proper routine.

    lorry is in the mot station atm so no outings for a few weeks...can't wait to get her out in the summer, was going to take her to Equifest but think may blow her brains lol.

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    Well.. I just knew I couldn't keep this updated!

    We had a fantastic summer, jumping, dressage, lessons, lots of hacking (incl boxing them up to go hacking!!), I thoroughly enjoyed our summer together. Autumn was also great with a couple of county shows (which we WET!!!!)

    Lots of hacking

    Lots of dressage

    LOTS of lessons (both DR and SJ)

    Spent some time chilling out before Alysham Show

    WINNING at Alysham show in August - Inhand Hunter then getting RESERVE CHAMPION!!!

    We then done the Pairs at Heydon XC... had 2 stops but first time ever XC and were more worried about the judges in their cars

    We then had an accident in October just after the XC

    Also a massive graze on her knee, both sides of hip/flanks and was lame for about 5 days due to her knee
    Lohan had got into field with her, she tried to fend him off and he got nasty, chased her round the she ran through the fencing, onto the road, fell over (hence the grazes etc) and continued running until she found a gate way and he had stopped running after her. My poor girlie!! She's now petriefed in warm up rings when horses go past/come up behind cantering

    Once recovered we went XC schooling the following month

    LOVE this mare!!! She's improved SO much!!
    We are going to attempt the CR and British Novice in March.... see how that goes

    Have also now bought her a Micklem bridle as she doesn't like too much pressure on her nose


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    I've just completely bankrupt myself and have bought Bonny a GFS close contact jumping saddle! Can't wait to have a play in it on Saturday eeeee

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    Well I am very pleased with Bonny, she jumped well on Saturday... then she stopped dead and I flew over the jump instead

    Luckily I still love her!

    Bonny is going away for 14 days from 6th February
    My instructor is taking her in for schooling/jumping and competing.

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    Eekkk so bonny is going away a week earlier than planned. Very excited but also very nervous as never ever done this before!

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    Well today Bonny comes home from bootcamp!! So excited to have her back home.
    She has been doing very well at my instructors - lots of canter work, getting her stronger and being able to hold herself and not rely on the rider for support.
    Lizzy has also been doing some jump work with her (gridwork, polework etc) to help her become more balanced when taking off and landing.
    I went and rode her over the weekend (only days I don't work)

    My instructor riding her 2 weeks ago when she first went

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    Well, last night was my first ride on Bonny since she came home on Wednesday....
    She was amazing. Felt like she was floating - no snatching of the bit, transitions were perfect and she really tried her heart out. Didn't realise how long I was atcually riding - 45 minutes.... did not feel like it what so ever.

    Going out hacking this afternoon with my mum, looking forward to that! Then off to dressage tomorrow morning


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