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Thread: Bonny's diary

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    Not using the micklem did it not suit her? Good luck tomorrow

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    She hated the Micklem was constantly fighting it and trying to open her mouth. Shes now in a cavesson bridle and goes soooo much better.
    Thank you

    She was a nightmare to tack up at the show as she couldn't see her buddy! Got on, as good as gold to warm up and ride the tests. Done the intro to begin with as she hasn't been out competing in 3 months! Got an awesome score of 67.52% and got 2nd place - by 1.7% behind the winner.
    Went on to get 63.89% in the Prelim 1 and 4th place xxxxx

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    So yesterday we went dressage again (becoming dressage divas!!)
    Big classes..very windy..naughty mare to tack up and very impatient so I wasn't expecting much at all haha.

    B done me proud though - worked amazingly in Prelim 2, 61.78% (harsh judge this time haha)! got 5th place (huge class of 16!)
    Then went into Prelim 7 - her trot work was better than the first test but her canter was a bit lazy and transitions not brilliant - but its a work in progress. We got 60.45% and 6th place.

    ...then the little monkey broke off of the lorry and decided to gallop round the car park

    Overall very happy and looking forward to the next one!

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    Update on Bonny, we didn't have a great start to spring - I tore my calf muscle whilst at the gym (typical eh?). So my cousin started riding/competing her for me whilst I was recovering..then she stopped riding her due to having a toddler.
    Then after a while off riding her I came to the decision I needed to sell her as I honestly didn't have the time - what with having Mouse and Lohan and a 50hr a week job!

    I sold Bonny to an amazing home in Essex who just loves her to bits, regularly has lessons/hacks and is looking to compete her in dressage competitions. She has an indoor school, outdoor school for facilities.
    I'm really happy with the new home she is in and glad I made the decision to sell her as it was definitely the right choice for both Bonny and I.


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