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    This little mare came to me about 6 weeks ago. Didn't expect her to be an almost rescue case. She hasn't been very well looked after over the winter, her owner trusted her in the care of a friend due to personal reasons and the friend didn't notice the poor little lady had lost so much weight or that the rug had become too small and was rubbing her. There's questions over how much the ponies were being fed if at all, but a large contribution to her state was ulcers in her mouth caused by sharp teeth.

    Teeth all sorted the weight has slowly been going on over the 6 ish weeks she's been here and we've slowly started breaking her in. Today was a huge milestone for her as she got her first rider and she couldn't have been any less bothered if she tried. Very pleased.

    Still some weight to gain but we are heading in the right direction and slowly slowly ridden work is being introduced. Really like her attitude to work she's quite keen .

    Will add photos of first arriving and then today


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    She looks so much healthier. Well done look forward to seeing her progress

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