Since we had our collie put down almost three years ago, I've really wanted but only half-heartedly looked for another dog. We do have our Jack Russell who's still going strong and being a pain as per. But I really wanted to do agility and go out for long walks and do all the fun things I used to do with my old boy.

My friend at University breeds and shows Whippets, Whippets were never a dog I'd even consider because I just assumed I didn't like them, but after meeting her crew I fell in love with them. They are such loving little dogs! So when her ***** had a litter of puppies, and one of the puppies was behind all the others growth wise and needed hand feeding and was about half the size of the others, I of course fell for him! After weeks of discussion and planning we told my friend that we'd like to buy a puppy off her, and she gave me pick of the litter. I chose the runt one because I had my heart set on him, but my Dad fell for a little black *****.

My Dad was really attached to our collie and has never liked any other dog since he was put down, so for him to genuinely like another dog was a bit of a shocker. I picked my little runt and the black ***** got a home with someone else.

A few weeks later I found out that the people having the black ***** were no longer able to have her, and my friend knew my Dad loved her so offered us both of them for the price of one, which of course we said yes to, because we are a family of suckers.

So anyway, meet Charlie and Izzy. Charlie is the fawn brindle and Izzy is the black, their dad has qualified for crafts twice but never placed (loser ) but their Aunty got third last year, however their dad won best of breed last weekend at another show

I've been going to a couple of shows each week, they're mainly in Scotland so it's been nice travelling around. My two aren't old enough to show for another 3 months but I'm looking forwards to getting them out there. Charlie has a very sensitive stomach so it's taken a while to find a food to suit but I finally have and he is finally putting weight on, Izzy is just a dustbin on legs so she's pretty easy going!



ETA: Evidently female dog is not allowed, sorry!