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Thread: This can not be better!!!

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    Default This can not be better!!!

    Hiya Guys, I am new here. Don't know what to share so here is mu story in brief:
    I have been paralyzed for 5-6 years. I like outdoor sports very much. But after that incident my life was like "caged lion" but When I got a mobility scooter myself, It is like got my legs again. Now I can enjoy Polo as well on my scooter.

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    Welcome to the forum!
    It sounds like you have had to go through a difficult transition, but I'm so glad you're finding new ways of being mobile. Are you able to ride at all?

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    Im sorry you have went through that and am glad you can get out and about again with the scooter. Polo? I didnt know you could do that!

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    So off course I do that. I got some guys in the town (all like me). we play polo together.
    It is very slow game for us. but the fun never stops.


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