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    Oh dear.

    My farrier has posted a link on facebook about how a horse he shod with the same pads as Mocha has just broken a speed record over a mile. I think we might have broken some speed records too

    Steeplechasing trec.

    It poured with rain all morning too, so I was on my second change of clothes by 10pm, course was wet and slippery.

    I spent lots of time practising the more fiddly trec obstacles as I presumed it would be held on a grass arena, but on the day part of it was on the old defunct XC course. The way the course was arranged, you had to ride out past a line of xc jumps, do 4 obstacles, turn around, ride back past the same jumps and jump a ditch that was in the middle of them, and then jump into the arena over two small fences styled as a path crossing.

    The obstacles in the XC field were the ridden incline down, dip, ridden incline up, step down and the ditch - so really nothing to suggest that this was 'Trec' at all, and that caused me a bit of an issue.

    Our COP went 'ok', haven't got our scores, our canter was middling, I would guess 12-15.
    Our walk was fairly terrible, really jaunty, almost a trot, but she didn't break at least.

    Mocha was so wound up heading away from the waiting competitors, and into the XC field that I had to make a decision to do the first obstacles in walk, as I knew, if I went cantering down there, she was just going to head for the hills and lock onto a jump in the distance. She just wasn't tuned in at all.

    We got to the foot of the incline in walk, and into the dip and she broke into trot, losing precious points of the minimum now available (4, 4 and 4 at walk) so I asked for canter for the incline up to get some back. Didn't really help our situation.

    Struggled to stop her from heading for the hills, and when I did turn her around, it was to face into the ridden step down which was in the middle of a complex of logs. It was a step down on a downhill slope littered with jumps, and she was convinced she was going to jump them all. She gathered herself up into a ball, and the only way she was going to go forward was at a flat out gallop, or not at all. So we had a stalemate on the brow of the hill, Mocha piaffing and feinting at any jump on her radar. I was basically 'stuck' on the course.

    I had to turn her away from it, give her the reins entirely, let her burst into canter, stop her, opt out of the step down, ride down the hill and jump the ditch. I'm not sure if it could be counted as a circle, as we went up, turned right, turned more to the right and then rode left down the hill, she didn't turn all the way round at any point so I'm sure its fine.

    Its really not good when letting her jump things is the easiest part of riding her

    There is footage then of us jumping over the path crossing into the arena. Its from quite far away so it doesn't look too bad, but she was fighting and fighting the whole way. It was so gloomy I've had to brighten it up considerably just so you can see us.

    The slalom she did ok, a bit like a drift car but she did it.
    Path-crossing, Slalom, Shamrocks, Reinback, jump to immobility.

    I couldn't stop her after the teeny tiny jump for the immobility which was directly after.
    So we circled on the course which is 50 penalties.
    She did it fine, surprisingly, and then had some notion going into the s-bend that she was going to take off? I did stop her, and she did walk through it fine, but because she was unbalanced going in, she tipped a pole, not enough to knock it but enough to incur a penalty.

    The footbridge, there was two and you had to walk between them over a flat board? I think this was because it was wet (presumably thats why all the jumps were on the ground also!) Mocha was convinced she was going to steeplechase the bigger of the two bridges, forced her through the gap and she broke to trot, anther '0'!

    Another jump before the corridor, even smaller then before, I would have cantered the corridor anyway, but I wouldn't have been able to stop her if I didn't want to, and then I couldn't stop her for the mounting, so that's another circle on the course. I'm pretty sure knocking the block over and having to reset it, is also penalties.

    It was all over in 5 seconds flat it seemed, I walked her back to the box inhand, and she was standing there, all wired up, lathered, sweating, lib-jabbering, going 'right, wheres the competition' ?

    It wasn't a lot of fun I have to say! Its not nice when she's motorbiking around like she does because I'm worried she'll do herself an injury.

    Mocha having a great time, me totally disgusted!

    I think possibly the most disappointing thing for me, is that, even with an almost complete inability to stop the horse, there was enough room in the arena to have gotten in at the obstacles without circling, even if I overshot them by a mile? Like for the mounting, I could have swung left immediately after the corridor and came round in an arc from behind... but... I was having such a hard time controlling her that there wasn't a lot of thinking going on!

    My mum took the video, she is afraid of horses so she can't stand anywhere they might be, so thats why it looks like its been filmed from the carpark!

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    Just posting a second link to the video as the first was set to private and I can't edit my post

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    I tried trec with my yard pony club and loved it but never did very well as my tb mare was a bit too busy for slow canter etc lol.

    I tried a clinic finishing with a comp years later (last year) with a friend at a venue for the craic and it was all indoor thankfully as I had enough bother as it were! We cantered under the pole and humped with head between legs and we cantered slow then lost the plot and would not walk at all and we cantered through the slalem poles and slammed into a rodeo at the end so being outdoors would have just been a disaster.

    Good on you for giving it a go with all those jumps!!


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