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Thread: Dog Show Pictures/Diary

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    Aww they're gorgeous. I'm totally in love with whippets. If I ever get a pedigree puppy it'd be a whippet (although knowing me the next one will be whatever the local pound has and I'll end up with something completely different ahah).

    Smile because it happened.
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    Default 26/07/2015 Leek Show

    We went to Leek Show yesterday in Staffordshire, it's just a little open show which is part of the country show so nothing too prestigious. We took Sylvia, Pierre and Darcy and I took my puppies as spectator dogs, Sylvia and Pierre were in Post Graduate together and neither of them like being handled by anyone other than their owner so I had to run around with Pierre who was running along on his back legs and generally prating about. He did however come 2nd, and Sylvia got Reserve (4th) which was shocking!

    Our friend, Shelagh took her puppy for it's 3rd outing to a show, just as a bit of fun, well she ended up winning all 6 of her classes, best puppy in breed, reserve best of breed and reserve best puppy in show! She might start taking showing more seriously now

    I got a 2nd with Sylvia who had calmed down very nicely towards the end of the day and showed beautifully for me, Darcy came 1st in the same class. Pierre won a couple of stakes classes and overall it was a nice day. My friend mainly entered the show so that her grandkids could take the dogs in to a few classes but the dogs were being rather strong and silly, but they handled them very well I think! Between the three of them they managed a 3rd and a Reserve

    Overall I got a 2nd and a Reserve with Sylvia. It's my second ever time showing dogs and it's hard to show someone else's, especially when they've only been handled by their owner in the past



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