I wasn't sure whether to put this in here OR in the general picture bit, but I can guarantee it will involve ponies at some point.

At the moment my life revolves more around photography than ponies, which is probably a good thing seems I'm building a career in it So I thought maybe it'd make more sense to do this... plus I'm totally stealing TofeeMonster's idea from a while back

Anyway, I'm in my 3rd year at university studying Fine Art Photography, and will hopefully be doing my Masters in Film and Photography next year! It has been a massive learning curve but I've loved it, I was adamant before I wanted to do pet and horse portraits etc but decided it's really not for me, I like the more creative and surreal kind of stuff.

I had two joint exhibitions last year, during which I received some amazing compliments off well-known photographers, one of which is my idol!! One photographer told me he wanted me to have a solo show and would be willing to pay around 400-500 for my prints He asked me how much I'd sell them for and I was about to say 10 so I'm glad he chipped in first

So here are some pictures from my exhibitions last year: (some of the pictures have stupid filters on from Instagram etc)
First exhibition:

Me pretending to be social

Second exhibition, my prints were 5ftx4ft

Alongside the giant prints I was also doing a research project on Photo Therapy and Therapeutic Photography for people on the Autistic Spectrum, which I will be carrying on for my dissertation this year.

I've started working towards my final project now, my lecturer said that I was one of the few people he knows that can make images representing mental health without it being cheesey or cliched, so I thought I'd continue along that path seems it's something I have a bit of experience with- even though the topic is really over done!

An idea I had was about body image/eating disorders/ relationships with food etc etc things that I struggle with (I don't have an eating disorder though, I just eat too much!) So I intended on making a series of images involving a cake, I ended up creating this video instead:

(It *might* come across as a bit... disturbing but it's really not, also I did not eat the whole cake )


So I'm continuing on this project entitled 'Cake', making some cakes out of plaster this week so will see how that goes