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Thread: So proud of my girl on the road now

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    Default So proud of my girl on the road now

    My mare loves getting out for a hack but she has never been easy and we have only road hacking which is isnt ideal for her spookiness and sharpness. I only went out when not windy or fresh and on c and d roads.

    Having them at home has got them used to machinery of all sorts with things being done here eg sandschool in progress and they have more turn out than had at livery yards.

    Now she doesnt blink an eye at cars or vans even if speed past and we cope well with tractors and silage trailers or slurry tanks - even 9 on one road the other night coming at us constantly in both directions!!

    We can also hack out in the wind if not gale force and meeting a motorbike (her all time demon) which slowed down for us she had a wobble but we went past instead of bolting in the other direction.

    Oh and a artic lorry which stopped didnt even send her charging off and we jogged past it

    This is huge progress and now I can hack and relax and enjoy ourselves

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    That's brilliant

    I'm always so happy my two aren't bothered by traffic, I can deal with them being scared of tiny birds or a flower but traffic is my biggest nightmare!

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    Agreed.! Spooking at a flower or pigeon is one thing , but spooky in traffic is horrid. We've all been there
    Well done

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    That's great news. Star was really really spooky and very sharp with it plus it would come from nowhere. Binky is very good in traffic, has the occasional spook at birds in hedges etc but at the end of the day she is a horse. She has recently decided that the big hairy nothing that's behind her is scary . She randomly starts looking behind her like something's terrifying and there's nothing there. Got no idea how to deal with it? Tend to ignore her at the moment but not sure if that's the best thing or not?

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