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Thread: Bailey's new work out plan

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    Default Bailey's new work out plan

    Well ever since I've had Bailey she's always struggled with her weight - she looks at grass and just balloons! She's in a very long stretch of grazed field which has made a difference but with me just having my little one a few weeks ago I've been relying on friends, family and instructors to exercise her but now I'm wanting to get her fitness back up and I've got a new determination! I'm hoping to do short lunging session a few times a week with her whilst my OH stands with our wee one and watches.
    Does anyone have any suggestions for exercises or techniques that worked for them? I'm not quite ready to hop on yet and go hacking so anything I can do from the ground and in our school would be great.
    Hopefully keep this updated with how we get on

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    Today was a check from over the fence since I had my wee one with me on my own. But I can sort of see what Id like to achieve

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    She looks like her weight has dropped down

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    Thankyou still a bit to go but she's looking better than she has in ages. Think just getting her fitness up will be the plan

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