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    Default Holly Garrett, Bartlows Equestrian Centre, Prestige Sports Horses

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    Deals under prestige sports horses and bartlows equestrian centre but claims on adverts for her horses that she is private when she has up to 3 horses advertised at one time

    Compulsive liar, advertises horse under lots of false information such as horses been jumped round big tracks on tickets when she has only had them for a few weeks and says they have been vetted yet fails to produce get certificate and muddles round the question when any proof is asked for

    Recommends her vets and dislikes external vets to vet horses because many are being sold with problems covered up...

    Multitude of horses advertised under same information, claims to have owned horses for long periods of time however vaccinations say otherwise however comes up with bogus information about where they have been training and say they had there jabs there...

    Fails to refund deposits even if subject to vet and horse fails and very quickly blocks person and fails to respond to calls or texts

    Puts you under excessive pressure to purchase horse by guilt tripping you and claiming there is someone seeing the horse soon so you need to make a choice

    She uses her staff to act as the owners creating another element to the sale...

    Many of her horses are drugged before viewing as turn into life threatening horses due to pain

    Disgusting really

    Anyone fancy joining me in legal action against her, if so please pm!

    Find more horror stories below of people's life's she has torn apart much like she has with mine....
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    One of hers on h&h sale page at the minute - binned it out of my potentials as soon as I Googled the phone no and seen it was her!

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    There is a page on FB, Dodgy Dealers, perhaps put a message on there.

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    I bought a horse from Holly Garrett before Christmas. He passed a 5 stage vetting with a vet from Rossdales that she recommended. I looked up Rossdales and they are a highly prestigious vets. He passed the vetting but was diagnosed with ringworm the day after he arrived. She told me she was selling him for a girl who had gone to university but he had only been in the country for a week. a few days later his back leg locked and was diagnosed with wobblers so have lost 8000 on cost of the horse plus huge vets bills and haven't ridden him since I tried him at her yard!!!! Am devastated!


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