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Thread: What to wear for ridden shows?

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    Default What to wear for ridden shows?

    Hi all,

    Im new to this forum, so hello!! :-)

    Im currently doing riding lessons and slowly gaining my confidence back. My goal this year is to do my very first ridden show. I know that walk, trot and canter are the paces that is expected. What are the rules for attire? Can you wear a tweed jacket and long boots or must it be jod short boots and navy jacket?

    Any advise would be brilliant

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    It depends on a lot of variables, like your age, what type of horse or pony you have, and what sort of class you are entering. A tweed jacket covers a lot of bases, but a few more details and a photo of your horse or pony would be great

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    It really depends what class you are likely to enter


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