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Thread: Hello from the United States!

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    Default Hello from the United States!

    Hi guys!

    Why am I visiting? Quite simple... the considerate stmosphere!

    I've been part of US horse forums for years (mostly and they are horrid. The atmosphere is critical, judgemental, and negative. The last time I posted, I was looking for helpful tips on grass diving and a little sympathy about not being able to spend as much time as I'd liked.

    Instead all I got were snark comments, telling me what a terrible owner I was to not be out every week with my horse and to quit acting like a baby. I was shocked and hurt.

    I stumbled on your site and was very impressed at how everyone was so nice even when they disagreed.

    I look forward to posting my questions here!

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    Welcome to the boards
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    Hello and welcome! Good to have some new blood

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    Hi, welcome!


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