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    Hi everyone

    Very moany miserable post unfortunately

    I have a good job, with good career path in the care industry - I am a care consultant, go and do reviews, supervisions, spot checks etc and I am training to be a learning disabilities nurse on the sidelines.

    I have to be On Call ALOT, and over the weekend I had a horrible two days on call, 4 long shifts went down etc and nobody was helping out to cover the shift, my manager and colleague were amazingly helpful to support me.
    Well if I'm honest I have had a million other things that have been going on elsewhere in the office and ahh!!!

    I was so frustrated and stressed I was crying and simply feeling really stressed and ill!

    I really love my job but because of things that go wrong and you dont get any appreciation for what you do at all I am starting to loose the love and I certainly don't enjoy it anymore!

    I'm just stuck because I really do like my job, my work colleague is amazing, the pay is okay-ish and I have great work days

    I just don't want to get ill again... I am on anti depressants due to my anxiety so just don't want to go downhill due to the stress from my job.

    Sorry for the overloaded rant/moan.... ahhhh!
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    Was this weekend just a temporary blip? The rest of the job sounds pretty good. I get it about all the stress surrounding your on call duties though. Would talking to your boss about reducing the on call help?

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    I would love to say yes haha! But it seems to be every single weekend it happens and it really does mean that I cannot have a day off because I am sat with my laptop working - and I do not get paid for doing that!!

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    I would maybe have a little sit down chat with your boss, it is certainly worthwhile if your mental health is suffering because of it.

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