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    Question Hey everybody

    Just wondering here how many rosettes do you have in total?

    also really wondering here for all the horse riders and people who go to your local RS to compete do you feel happier doing dressage and you do well and you a brilliant score and a first place rosette?

    or do you feel the same way for showjumping ? Or are you in a diffent mind set each time you compete ?

    I really hope I have made sense

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    I haven't counted my rosettes, though I am proud of my fair collection I haven't won any for showjumping in a number of years, I prefer dressage and showing these days rather then the jumping since I lost my bottle!

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    Hey thanks so much for replying I hope one day you can start do SJ again but for now you enjoy what you are loving which is a fun thing to do.

    p.s sent you a private m

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    I personally have 1 rosette from a fun ride which I think proves that you made it round to the end- so far the pinnacle of my riding career I don't really enjoy competing, but I probably would have when I was younger.

    My daughter has loads of rosettes of various placings from over the years and they are fun to look at and remember the day, I think her most treasured one is a very unassuming looking 5th place from a small hunter trial she did with her mare Bella who is a handful, but for some reason that day the stars aligned and they had the most awesome time

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    Does your daughter still horse ride and compete at all? Can I ask why you don't enjoy competing ?

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    I don't have any rosettes. Arlo & I are both retired now so none likely either. My daughter and her pony have a fair few though.

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    I have way too many rosettes, I have donated a load back to where I earned them so they can use them again. When competing showing or showjumping, I'm always pleased with any rosette as it is a real challenge for us but with dressage, which we compete regularly, it's more about the placing, the points for the league and the judges scores/comments. I have some very special ones hanging in the conservatory but don't have room to keep hundreds!

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    Quote Originally Posted by horsexmad34 View Post
    Does your daughter still horse ride and compete at all? Can I ask why you don't enjoy competing ?
    I don't enjoy competing because I am a very anxious person and I know with a fair degree of certainty that I am not a technically brilliant rider. I would hate to have people watching me try to navigate my way round a jump course. I also hate towing/traveling horses.

    My daughter does occasionally take my horse to small informal competitions but she is now in her mid 20s and is very busy making her way in her chosen career, has a relationship, step children, dogs, has taken up running...she doesn't really have the time to do too much really but when she was younger she had a lovely time.


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