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Thread: Uptown's Girl: Take #2

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    Doesn't have to be high to be classed as jumping!

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    She looks smart in green!

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    I knew I wouldn't keep on top of this!

    Last Thursday I had a jumping lesson which went really well! Then on the Sunday I took her out for a little hack and she didn't feel right. I got off and walked her back and my RI watched me trot her up and she said there was definitely something, not very noticeable but she looked quite stiff through her back end (which is quite common for Cleo).

    So anyway one of the liveries had a physio coming up the next day so she very kindly had a very quick look at Cleo before she went, she said that rather than a muscular issue it seemed more like arthritis or joint related, which didn't come as a huge surprise. So. We were going to cross country for the first time this Sunday, but that's been cancelled obviously! And I have adjusted how we do things to start 'treating' her.... Over summer she was in during the day (from about 9am-5:30pm) and out at night, she's now out 24/7 up until winter when they start having to be stabled over night but I'll deal with that closer to the time. She's being exercised every day, at the moment we are only walking for about 30 minutes on hacks or today we barebacked it in the school, but I intend on working her every day (maybe miss a day or so every now and then!) even if it's only a bit of walking to keep her moving about. And feed wise, she's already fed Top Spec balancer, Alfa A Molasses Free and Linseed, I've got her some Turmeric and Black Pepper and some NoBute, will look into different joint sups. but I'm tempted to get the Top Spec Joint Balancer next time around, if it's any good??

    She's definitley improved, is sound in walk now and is tracking up properly, I haven't trotted her up for a couple of days but my plan is to just keep her doing exercise in walk until my RI comes back off holiday on Tuesday and she said she'd watch me trot her up then. Cleo in herself seems perfectly happy and well! And I think she's enjoying her new turnout, even if she's out alone 80% of the day.


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