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2 weeks tomorrow since the accident and he's almost back to normal. Fairly certain he suffered some form of minor brain injury as he now has absences. Solicitor has been around, they seem great.
Fracture clinic tomorrow to see his arm without dressings on and look at how his spine is doing. He's now lame on his left leg so we are going to get that xrayed tomorrow as well as his sholder.
His incisions are healing well, he's mobilising well and im back off to work part time for the first time tomorrow!!!
Thursday its time for his injections again due to loosing his spleen!!!

Me? I absolutely ready to go back to work before I kill him!!!! ��������
Ive spent 2 weeks by his side nursing for his every need and slowly turned into a skivvy ���� don't get me wrong I love him so much but I could actually kill him sometimes!!!!

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lol slightly milking it a bit then.