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    I am just starting to look for a trailer and suitable towing vehicle.

    I really like the Audi Q7/Q5, but are they suitable for towing? I would mainly just be towing my boy (15.2hh who is around 500kg, but may occasionally want to two horses, the other more being no more than 16.2hh). I would also be using the car for general driving around.

    I like the Equi-trek trailers, but happy to be persuaded on a Bateson or Ifor, and also what size/model would I need?

    Any advice gratefully received. I want to be legal and safe!

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    I have no personal experience of the Audis, far too costly for me!!
    I really rate Nissan Terranos for towing. However, Nissan stopped production of the Terrano in 2005 & you probably want something newer.
    I've got a Bateson trailer, I think it's the Deauville, the bigger one anyway. They're fab. Very light & airy inside, so inviting for the horses. You can get them with barn doors at the back, instead of a ramp. Horses just step up into the trailer. I've just got the ramp on mine, though.
    Bateson's are very light & easy to manoeuvre around, hitch up etc. Very useful if you're doing it on your own. Mine has the granulated plastic floor.
    Your boy will fit inside, no problem! My horse is 17.3hh & he does! I've travelled him singly & with others as well. I bought full length breech & breast bars for single horse travel.
    Mine has the double saddle rack in the front which is really useful too.
    I've also found Bateson as a company great to deal with. You can ring & order bits over the phone. They're really helpful.
    Good luck with whatever you decide on.
    Post a picture of your new rig!

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    My Dad has the Audi Q7, it is REALLY heavy on fuel when towing. When we moved house he helped with towing items not even horses and it hammered through fuel compared to our shogun that had 2 horses! I would recommend a shogun, we have the SWB and love it! But the LWB is very nice as well!!

    I am a lover of the equi trek, it is a great trailer we have had ours since new for 3 years now it is very spacious and we have had no issues with loaders ever!!

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    I second a Nissan Terrano - we have one and although it's a slightly older model, it just keeps going and going. It hasn't let us down. My OH is a mechanic so we try to opt for vehicles with less 'common' faults(impossible I know but there are some out there that are awful) - newer models such as Audi rely so heavily on electronics that repair bills are very pricey (just a thought if using regularly)
    Equitreks are lightweight with more options available at a reasonable price. We don't have anything special as a trailer, good floor, spacious and front unloader x


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