OK, here goes.
On the 12th Aug, i picked up everyone's fav Ronnie. After an agreement with between me and Dosydo, due to her love pregnacy Ronnie needed a home where he could be worked and have lots of fun. Now at the time i really wasn't meant to be looking until after the summer holidays had finished, but i seen a different advert spring up on my FB page for a race horse looking for a new home. That didn't work out and Dosy seen i had been looking as such and sent me a lovely message, After a loveluy visit and good old catch up Ronnie was picked up.
By have i had my work cut out but tbh it has been lovely to have something keep me on my toes I gave Ronnie about 2 week's or so to settle and get to know T, and vice-versa, once the dust had settled i begain with some much needed lunge work ( Ronnie has been out of work for about 18 months ) Being out of work for so long lunging helps get any fizzy side out and i can see what needs to be done.
Well i got the look of what on earth are you asking me to do haha, i got the oh ok i need to walk really really close to you and stay in your space then, to oh ok i dont know what walk is but trot is fun with a canter as well
With that in mind of fun, he finially got how to work on the lunge, it took about 3 goes spreed out over the weeks, but he lunges like a dream now. In the end i bit the bullet and decided to tack him up and get him ridden, i kept this within one of my fields and my brave pants wasn't sure how he would fair out hacking. Well i didn't need to worry to much, he took it all in his stride, he is one super soft lad. The slightest tough with my calf and he went off, i didn't even have to touch my reins, it was all seat based, so it tells he's had some very good schooling at some point. Which if i am honest is a god send to me, as less strain on my hips and ankles due to my hypermobility.
So i waited till the weekend and i put my big girl pants of and took him out for a hack with my otherhalf on foot with the dog, Ronnie was a real saint. Nothing bothered him one bit, not every the quad that come past in the neighboring field. i loved every min of the hack, so i asked my otherhalf to tack up T the next day and join me ( keep in mind this was the first hack my otherhalf has ever done ) and Ronnie, and as expected he never put a foot wrong.
Ronnie had a big hack out the following weened as my sharer for T was about, so she had planned a rather big route to go round. Ronnie never put a foot wrong again on the way out including a couple of canters through the fields, i just dropped my reins and he was like a smooth rocking horse. On the way back however things didn't go to plan, we had a couple of gates to get through which we did on the way down, so same ones coming back. I asked Ronnie to wait while my sharer shut them, let Ronnie eat some grass while we waited as T isn't great with shutting gates lol. Once the gate was shut i asked Ronnie to lift up and move forward, next thing i know he rears well i forgot i had my false nails on, sat the rear and asked forwards again, so he reared again. So i asked once more and could see he was going to rear again so i hopped off, moved him and got back on and off we went again. To my horror i could feel the pain travelling up my finger and i realized what had happened, yep you guessed it. I must have snagged my finger ( i had gloves on btw ) and ripped my nail off , we i couldn't really do anything about it and he was foot perfect again after that. Once we got back to the yard i checked him over, as the rears he did just wasn't anything nasty, no malice in him it was more like a temper tantrum/pain rear. I run my hands over his back and just under the saddles panel he went to nip, its a pain thing. So he's now on rest until physio is here on Saturday, Ronnies teeth have already been done he had those done during his first 2/3 weeks of being with me and T was due at the same time, once thats all sorted my saddler will be out also to check fitting.
I am hoping he will be fine by the 16th Oct, as we are booked in for a local beach 10km pleasure ride, although i am looking to just take it easy nothing to fast paced T will also be joining us on the pleasure ride as my sharer is very keen to do many with him.
Anyway heres some Photos and Videos too

On the box

At my place


Spoilt the boy's at Burghley

Out Hacking

Funny face

And the videos


Excuse my rambling lol there maybe the odd swear word in there, so if you don't like swearing turn the volum down