Every child needs 3 ponies right? I call them her stepping stone ponies lol! She was originally bought Jim by my stepmum who saw him being shown for a family, he was 3 years old had only been ridden a handful of times. He had bridling issues thanks to a div that hurt him the first time and he reared up and over backwards being bridled. The put it on while he was on the floor and then got him up, put a kid on him that couldn't ride and he walked and trotted round the arena like he did it every day of his life.

My stepmum told the woman if they don't have him I will. So Jim came to live with us. He's been a typical baby and had his very baby moments he's quite sharp. It was very obvious from the start Chloe wouldn't be riding him properly for a long time. She had bought him with the intention he will be older and wiser by the time Chloe could. We are still hoping that's the case haha!!

Anyway along came gypsy nearly 2 years ago once Chloe needed to not be just bumbling around on top of Jim on lead rein. They've gone from strength to strength. Gypsy has never been officially broken in. I've done miles and miles of long reining with her and building up to logreinig with Chloe on board to finally Chloe being able to hack her out with us vecause gypsy is amazing and knows to stay with us. As Chloe is getting bigger she's able to now actually be more driver than passenger. Safe to say gypsy and her have a few disagreements in direction but for the first time yesterday Chloe didn't panic about it and won her little battle. Gypsy then just stopped arguing and Chloe had her going round on her own several times in walk trot and had w canter which ended in her nearly running me over haha!!

Definitely time to start proper lessons.

She also has Jessie who was actually bought for gypsy but as Chloe's riding develops she's going to move on to jessie after gypsy. Jessie may as well have a job here too lol! I get to ride Jessie though it's quite fun us both having a Shetland haha!

Spoilt child lol! Here are her 3 ponies with Chloe on gypsy and the mr's nieces yesterday on Jessie and Jim. It was their first time on a pony and safe to say they're keen to have another go haha!!

Chloe's little canter round and near crash lol!

She then had a go on Jim after and he tried really hard to figure out what she wanted from him because obviously her little legs are a lot higher than mine or his usual riders haha!