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    So bobs is really coming on now. He has cantered a couple of times under saddle now and is so perfectly balanced! Correct leads every time! I have started asking for bend and flexion in walk and trot doing big wobbly 20 m circles and changing direction which he's not too keen on!
    We have had a bit of a napping issue by the gate/mounting block which was really highlighted when my friend rode him about 4 weeks ago! Well last night (i hope!) We cracked it. We had finished on a good note of trotting passed gate and mounting block both ways so gave him a long rein to cool off but he began to nap walking passed the gate so I collected my reins up and did lots of circles, loops, both directions around the gate and as soon as I didn't have to nag for him to carry on in a nice rhythmical walk we called it a day

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    Ahhhhh you're making me baby pony broody again! I love my gingers but I miss having a youngster to play with! He sounds as though he's coming on lovely x

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    Sounds like you and Bobby are coming on really well, even with the minor nappy (baby) moments!! You ended on a good note which is always a good thing! Keep it up


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