It's been a long while since I updated my Midas diary, and it was very much about his progression as a youngster, As we reflect on 2016, it's time to start looking to the future as Midas becomes more and more mature with each passing year (would you believe his is 8 next year ).
Also my truck battery has gone completely flat, so now seems a good time to make a start whilst I'm twiddling my thumbs doing nothing

So 2016 has not been a bad year for us, especially when I reflect on the end of 2015 when he was still really poorly - so I want to start with that despite us having not done as much as originally planned, I am just grateful to still have him here with me as some ponies were not so lucky at our yard

Midas didn't start back into any work until approximately February after getting a clean bill of health in January, and then just having some time to be a pony in a field.
Before falling ill, he had only just come back into work after 6 months off as his behaviour ridden was pretty bad - rearing, bolting and generally just some very hair raising moments. As any concerned owner, he had everything checked inc. Vet and when all was clear, I decided he perhaps needed a holiday away from the arena (appears to have worked)
So when I began work with him early this year he had totalled approx 9 months off work. So imagine my delight when I got on him to walk him round and he was a complete angel (didn't dare lunge and he hurt himself). We picked up the pace very very slowly - just enjoying riding him even if it was a lot of just walking.

We eventually did our first Dressage competition in April - just an Intro test so as not to push him too hard.
He seemed a little tense and so was I, but despite that, we come home with a 1st and it was a pretty strong crowd.

The schooling was progressing quite well and Midas was quickly picking up all of his training from the previous year

By June I felt we were ready for some low level showing. Midas was in good condition but his mane was a complete mess! Something you will read a bit more about soon. Midas was not feeling showing that day and got upto his old tricks. Someone mounting on a block gave him the opportunity to rear, spin and bronc like a rodeo horse around the arena, sending others to a stand still, thankfully he stopped as I was starting to lose my position. Not wishing to let him win, we still entered the classes and we did come away with a 2nd and 3rd but he was figitty. We have been working on him in busy places and is getting much better, I don't need a leader to the arena anymore...most of the time

Remember the dreadful mane?? Yes well it really was! The bottom half would not grow and I tried absolutely every lotion, potion, rug and feed supplement to little success!
So i decided it was time! I sedated him and we clipped the lot off, including his legs and I no longer had a welsh D, I had a little show cob.

Love it or hate it, I think he pulled it off. I haven't re-clipped it and it is growing but when I hogged him, he had very dry skin where the mane was barely growing so hogging gave me a chance to clean it daily and also apply coconut oil everyday but still making little difference - permanent damage somehow perhaps? Anyway I'm keen to see how it grows if I let it but more than happy to clip it off again if it doesn't work out.

More dressage again in July - and at this point Midas is model pupil. Very chilled, relaxed and actually willing to work (we must be doing something right lol)
We bagged a 1st in the Prelim and a 2nd in the Intro - again a strong class of what I thought to be good horses!

We haven't worked too hard over 2016, keeping the work fairly light with some light competition every now and again

This is turning into a long year round up so will add another post for my winter with Midas ☺