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Thread: Ok, well here goes

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    Shetland, UK


    Aww, you need to bottle that smile!

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    Lovely to see all the familiar faces!! Hello!!

    I agree it isn't all about the riding, some days just being near them and having a cuddle is enough. The cuddle field here is certainly Floinn and Ted

    Their beauty captures every eye, a gift from God for all mankind, they lend us wings so we may fly, to ride a horse is to ride the sky

    Touchstone Floinn - Purebred graded ID stallion available for stud.

    Rest In Peace Minstrel. 08.03.1998 - 31.01.2013 I will love you forever my own black beauty.
    Rest in Peace Stranduff Nichol 08.05.2014 - 19.11.2015 Goodnight little man.


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