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    I haven't been on here for a while, but I thought I'd let you know about Cassie.

    Cassie went to the rainbow bridge on the 18th September. Me, my friends and my vet decided that it was kinder for her to go now, before she had to struggle through winter.

    I arranged for her to be taken to my vet, so I could say goodbye and not have to see anything else. Sadly the transport company I used ruined our last morning together, Cassie has never not loaded but that morning she knew something was wrong, she wouldn't go on, the transporter sticked a chiffney in and she ran away, I went around the corner to find the woman punching her and yanking on her chiffney. I felt sick but I didn't say anything.... why didn't I say anything?

    She went on the lorry and was kicking and shouting as she left, it was absolutely heartbreaking. I know she's free from pain now though, and I hope her last year with me made up for the **** life she had.

    Our last few moments in the orchard before the lorry arrived

    Cassie and Cleo's last night together

    One last sit...

    We walked up and down this road so many times, so many arguments and triumphs were had here!

    She was taken way too young xx

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    So sorry xx

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